How to Bypass Android Lock Screen Pattern, Password or Pin

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The principle motivation to set up some kind of lock screen security on your cell phone is to keep outsiders (or companions) from looking at your messages or private pictures. Past that, you don’t need any individual who sets out to take your telephone to get full access to your sends, pictures or other delicate information. However, imagine a scenario where you’re the person who can’t get to your telephone. You could overlook your PIN or example, isn’t that so? On the other hand somebody tricks you by setting up a lock screen design and just abandons you battling with it. 

Regardless, there’s very much a simple answer for this without crushing your telephone against a divider (or your companion’s face). The main thing you need is to have Android Device Manager empowered on your gadget (before you kept yourself out of your telephone). In the event that you have a Samsung telephone, you can likewise open your telephone utilizing your Samsung account.

Forgot your Android Lock Screen Pattern, Password or Pin here What to do

I tried the accompanying strategies utilizing a lock screen example, PIN and secret word and could open my LG G2 with Android 4.4.2 effectively.

Unlock  your Android Device using Android device Manager (ADM) 

As of now specified, the accompanying technique just applies to gadgets that have Android Device Manager empowered.

  • On mobile or computer visit :
  • Sign in utilizing your Google login points of interest that you likewise utilized on your bolted telephone.
  • In the ADM interface, select the gadget you have to open (in the event that it isn’t as of now chosen).
  • Select “Lock”
  • In the showing up window, enter an impermanent secret key. You don’t need to enter a recuperation message. Presently click “Lock” once more.
  • On the off chance that it was effective, you ought to see an affirmation beneath the crate with the catches Ring, Lock and Erase.
  • On your phone you ought to now see a secret key field in which you ought to enter the provisional watchword. This ought to open your phone.

Presently, before you go ahead with your life, go to your phone’s lock screen settings and impair the makeshift secret word. thats it…………



UnlockYour Android Lock Screen Pattern with your Google Login (only Android 4.4 & below) 

In the event that you haven’t overhauled your firmware to Android Lollipop (5.0), then there’s a quicker approach to open a lock screen design.


  • Enter a wrong lock screen design five times (shouldn’t be hard in the event that you don’t recall the right one)
  • Select Forgot  Password.
  • Now you will be able to enter backup PIN or your Google account login
  • Enter either your backup pin or Google login .
  • Your phone should be now unlocked .


ByPass your Samsung phone’s Lock Screen using its find my mobile tool :

This is a simple approach to open your Samsung gadget in the event that you made a Samsung account and enrolled it heretofore.


  • Go to Samsung find my mobile
  • Sign in to your Samsung account by providing your detail
  • In the Find My Mobile record interface you ought to see your enrolled telephone on the left hand side. This lets you know that you’re telephone is enlisted to that record.
  • On the left sidebar select “Unlock my Screen”
  • Now select unlock and wait few min to complete the process
  • You will recive a notification window telling you that your screen is unlock. 
  • Now your phone is unlock .


Disable your Lock Screen using custom recovery and “Pattern password disable” SD card needed : This strategy is for more propelled Android clients that comprehend what the expressions “establishing” and “custom recuperation” mean. As the title says, for this to work you require any sort of custom recuperation introduced and your telephone must have a SD card opening. Why the SD card? Indeed, we have to exchange a ZIP record to your telephone and that is generally unrealistic when it’s bolted. The main route is to embed a SD card with the file.Unfortunately, card spaces got to be somewhat of an uncommon thing in the cell phone world, so this will work for a few individuals.

Here what you need to do

  • Download the pattern password disable zip file from your computer and put on SD card
  • Insert the SD card into your phone
  • Reboot your phone into your recovery mood
  • Flash the zip file
  • Reboot
  • Your device should be boot up without a bolted screen. Should there be a secret word or motion lock screen, don’t alarm. Simply sort in an arbitrary secret word or motion and your phone ought to open.



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