Samsung Unveils the Galaxy note 7

samsung galaxy note 7

Samsung Galaxy note 7 Launching

At the time of launching in New York , Samsung has officially taken the wraps off the newest trade of the Samsung Galaxy note lineup — the Samsung Galaxy note 7.

At this point, courtesy of leaks and rumors, we knew that the next observe tool will come bearing the notice “7” moniker, instead of being referred to as the be aware 6 (as it need to have if it accompanied conference of the years before it). With the official release executed, Samsung’s reasoning behind this bounce in numbering is to “unify the numbering with its flagship version Galaxy S7 to higher communicate with customers“. there is no tech leap forward that could justify a leap of a number, it’s just the call. As lots as it’s far to get rid of confusion inside the Galaxy lineup, we suspect the numbering trade became also a end result of Apple’s upcoming iPhone 7.

enough talk about the name, let’s approximately the smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy notice 7 bears a 5.7″ QHD AMOLED display, stretched across the front and ending with dual curved edges and with Gorilla Glass five on pinnacle. just like rumors predicted, the observe 7 comes in a dual-side version through default and there have been no talks of a flat version current. further, the note 7 comes in with IP68 water and dirt resistance and unlike the Galaxy S7 which is also immune to water and dust, you may hold using the notice 7 in moist situations using the S-Pen stylus. This indicates that the water resistance is powerful each whilst the S-Pen is inserted and while it isn’t.

The S-Pen also has obtained a few improvements. The stylus tip has become slimmer from the preceding 1.6mm to the contemporary 0.7mm. The pen is now twice as sensitive to pressure in comparison to the pen at the be aware five. both of these combined must have a sizeable effect inside the multimedia production abilities of the S-Pen. further, the S-Pen functionality has been improved on the software stop as nicely. similarly to all the functionality that the S-Pen is known to provide, users can now get instant and automated phrase translation once they contact the S-Pen tip at the phrase on the display screen. you may additionally put the pen in backwards and now not smash anything, that is a massive plus now.

transferring directly to the insides of the tool, the note 7 comes with the Snapdragon 820 inside the US markets, and probable the identical Exynos 8890 as visible within the Galaxy S7 in different global markets. The tool is available in with 4GB of RAM, which is contrary to three rumors that pitched the tool as bearing 6GB of RAM. The word 7 will come in simplest a 64GB garage variant, however if you want extra, there’s microSD expandability up to 256GB. The observe 7 abandons the micro-USB port and finally replaces it with a USB kind C port. There’s a three,500 mAh battery powering things up, however lamentably, this stays incorporated and non-removable. you continue to get quick charging and wi-fi charging at the observe 7. The notice 7 runs on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow at the side of Samsung’s TouchWiz modifications on top.

The camera Galaxy flagship devices generally tend to sit a number of the first-class in the cellular industry. With the observe 7, Samsung continues to be sticking with its dual Pixel generation promising appropriate photographs even in dark environments. The rear camera is a 12MP shooter with a f/1.7 aperture and Optical picture Stabilization. The front is a 5MP shooter with a f/1.7 aperture as nicely.

The note 7 additionally comes in with a function that Samsung fervently wants you to believe isn’t always a gimmick and is without a doubt beneficial: Iris popularity. as the call points out, you may use the Iris Scanner features at the be aware 7 to liberate your tool. the use of every other new characteristic known as Samsung skip, you may login and authenticate yourself for mobile trade services the usage of this iris popularity. So whilst you are out and approximately the use of Samsung Pay, you can look lovingly at your telephone and your be aware 7 will realize its in reality you. it is doubtful how this will replace the fingerprint scanner in both comfort and protection.

Samsung additionally showcased its new iteration of the gear VR. This gear VR has been upgraded for use with the brand new be aware 7, and has a wider viewing angle of 101 tiers.

The Samsung Galaxy note 7 will arrive to the marketplace starting August 19th 2016. Pre-orders inside the u.s.a. start on August 3, and as part of launch merchandising, shoppers of the note 7 can get either a tools match device, or a 256GB microSD card.


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