Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will receive Android 7.0

Samsung galaxy note 7

Samsung determined to pre-pone the launch of the Galaxy note 7, In addition they had to remember that a new Android version could still no longer had been launched. This thing denote that there might be little differentiating thing among the note 7 and the S7 edge,In case you additionally do not forget the specifications and other elements.

Samsung mobile President Koh Dong-jin, in a meet up with KoreaTimes has stated that the Galaxy Note 7 will receive Android 7.0 Nougat in “ two to three months”.

Samsung Electronics additionally stated it’ll provide an operating system(OS) updates for Android 7.0 Nougat, in to a few months, after receive feedback from user’s.

“it’s miles very important for us to offer up-to-date information with the new OS, however what’s greater critical is to construct a stable and seamless platform for users,” Koh said. “That’s why we are making plans to do sufficient beta testing before any OS updates.”

So even as a different OEM is losing down pre-launch firmware for adventurous customers, Samsung plans to do enough beta testing and remarks cycles before any OS updates. The estimated timeline given does now not mention any specifics, however we count on that 2 to 3 months is given from the public launch of Android 7.0 Nougat as this is a miles greater conservative timeline. If you obtain a carrier version of the note 7, you could upload in everywhere from additional weeks to extra months to this figure.

Samsung mobile President also “showed” the lifestyles of the 128GB variation of the Note 7. To don’t forget, this 128GB version with 6GB RAM passed through TENAA recently, so it became showed to be headed to the chinese marketplace in the close to near future.

“we’re thinking about launching note 7 with a 128 GB internal storage capability for the chinese marketplace, despite the fact that the handset made its international debut with a 64 GB memory,” Koh Dong-jin stated.

this is due to the fact Chinese language handset makers are pushing for competitive advertising techniques with the aid of releasing handsets with excessive storage ability, in line with Samsung’s company owner.

“we can keep to accept different needs from each market, and respond by using freeing localized product by converting memory potential or colour,” he said.

this does not rule out the eventuality of the note 7 coming in a 6GB variation within the global marketplace, so purchasers who purchase the best in terms of specs could be disappointed to recognize that a fair beefier-specked note 7 exists. If the device does come out around the world, it is going to be interesting to see how Samsung expenses the product seeing its improve on two spec fronts. Will Samsung lower the rate of another models, or will this be priced even higher than the contemporary pricing? we can should wait and watch on this.

Samsung Galaxy note 7 Specification

samsung note 7


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