Reliance JIO Orange SIM & Blue SIM Main Difference

Reliance JIO

Reliance Jio has been launched a long time, but still be quite annoying to users to buy the SIM is facing. SIM place for many long-long queues, but you know that in this wildly Reliance SIM These two colors are blue and Orange. Many of you will also have JIO sim, but you know what these colors mean? No? Let us show you what it means that these two colors and an RJio SIM Why should these two colors.

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 JIO Orange SIM & Blue SIM main Difference

Orange SIM

When it comes to the color of orange sim sim pack when it was launched when the company was running a offer of preview. The old SIM from September 5 before it is re- Stock. Their USP is that this SIM comes embossed with your number you can not port your number with them.

Blue SIM

The Blue SIM comes with pre-desired number. SIM is generated during the process eKYC. This is my favourite number, but the number has to be the system generates.However, the market has been mostly the blue color of the SIM. The reason of recent packet SIM market has out off stock were sale is in full swing and an blue sim.

Blue Sim take  more time than orange sim to activate the voice and data service, but do not need to worry. Excluding favorite numbers on the SIM you will get the same benefits. December 31. This means that you can take advantage of free voice call and an unlimited data.

Reliance JIO Advantages

Reliance Jio 4G also one of the great things that they will provide some important Premium App you free.Below is a list of some important Apps Reliance Jio 4G with which you will be able to use all free.

My Jio – This App lets you balance your Reliance Jio 4G SIM and data account. In addition, in the rest Jio Apps you can download via the App.

Jio Tv – This App will help you watch over 300 Live TV Channels. So you do not miss any of the beloved show.

Jio Cinema – if you are a movie enthusiast and like to watch different films, they will help you see any movie Live.

Jio Chat – this App by using their Reliance Jio 4G can Chat and friends.

Jio On Demand – This App is the most important because it also Hollybood, Bollywood can show commercial free.

Jio Music – via the App in the Music HD Radio with Live can see or hear can hear.

Jio Security – This App helps to keep your mobile Virus Free.

Jio Money – you can use it Mobile, DTH , etc., can be recharged online.

Jio Drive – Google Drive Unlimited Cloud Storage provides you like this App.


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