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The technology is evolving every day. With it, we are moving towards a better future. Science and technology have made us more connected and advances in our stimuli. Earlier people use to do text messages in order to pass some important information or talk to the dear ones. But with time, the technology has advanced a lot. With it, we can now leave a text message, voice message or even video call anybody who is living in another corner of the world.

The application which has made this possible is the WhatsApp. It is an amazing application to share important texts, files, and media by just a click of a button. All you need a good internet connection and you can get in touch with anyone. The conversation is highly secured and encrypted. Though the application is years old, it has come up with some amazing updates. One such version of it is the WhatsApp web QR code.

Now you can use your WhatsApp on your laptop as well. All you need to do is to scan the WhatsApp web QR code from your mobile. That’s it! All the chats are automatically reflected on the computer screen.

                                                Whatsapp plus download

 Whatsapp plus download is the advance version of WhatsApp. It has enhanced the ability of the application. Now you can send up to 90 pictures in one go. The smileys have also improved. The application gives you the facility of playing the videos on the application itself. You can set privacy on your status and last seen. Larger audio files can be sent. There are many other amazing features which will compel you to use this version.

Whatsapp lock

 In today’s world, securing the chat is very important. To avoid anyone from accessing your private chats, you can download the WhatsApp lockThere are three mediums by which you can lock your application that is a fingerprint scanner, pattern, and the code. There is much application which offers you this facility. You can download the one from your play store or the app store.


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