Whatsapp Fake Last Seen | How to Create Whatsapp Fake Last seen

Whatsapp Fake Last Seen

Whatsapp is a world’s popular messaging app. While the craze for this app is increasing in people on one hand, on the other hand some of its features cause great trouble for the people. One such feature is last seen, this feature has to face a lot of troubles from users.

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For example: If you have come online and you have not given a reply to your friend’s message then there is a possibility of souring your friendship. People get their last seen hydrated to get rid of such problem. But by doing so you will not be able to see anyone’s last seen. In this way, we have brought a trick for you, through which you can make last seen at Whatsapp.

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How to create Whatsapp Fake Last Seen ?

1. For this you need to download GBWhatsapp + APK app. This is a modifiable version of whatsapp. It needs to be replaced from the original whatsapp.
2. Download and Install GbwhatsAap +. After this, open this app and click on the menu.
3. Here you will find many options. From here you have to click on the privacy option.                     4. After this, you have to tap on Hide online status.                                                                                    5. As soon as you tap on the Hide Online States, your last seen will be recorded and the same       time will be show as your last seen.

In my view download whatsapp plus which have lots of features than whatsapp & GB Whatsapp. Whatsapp plus download available on various link but due to google policies its not available on play store .


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