Samsung Note 4 BootLoader Unlock (Official)

samsung note 4

This will not work on Galaxy S3/Galaxy S4/Galaxy S6Ie/Galaxy S7 and It will not work on AT&T.The Samsung Galaxy Note is notable for many reasons, however the foremost attention-grabbing is that with HD Super AMOLED screen of five.7 inches and a resolution of 1440 by 2560, is that the largest of all smartphones in terms of screen.however it’s also interesting to look the attempt by Samsung to transform the word in a hybrid among the 2 principal classes of cellular gadgets. further to the wider display screen, brings a smart stylus to take notes, write texts and emails and make drawings on the display screen, brought to all multitouch capabilities might anticipate in those devices.I don’t claim a Note 4. The endeavor happened to be appropriate to the Note 4, and we arranged it for your gadgets instead of not discharge it by any stretch of the imagination. This appears like a sensible and well disposed thing to accomplish for the group. I can’t help you root or show you how to utilize ADB. It’s essential you can do these things or exploration them a bit before indiscriminately utilizing this. I am extremely acquainted with Samsung be that as it may, and time allowing, will do my best to help anybody having issues.

You shoud not run this if u don’t understand the process………

Root required we are not responsible for any thing

You need micro SD & it will be formated during the process


You can download the eMMC block bug check application on the Play Store to confirm your C-ID begins with 15. On the off chance that it does, you are great. If not, it won’t work.

Update : Anybody having issues with the “this is for samsung gadgets just mistake, satisfy the fix joined to                     this post …


The below code is not a script , you will enter in command mode manually 

adb  push  Samsung_unlock_n4-fix  /data/local/tmp/

adb shell


Cd /data/local/tmp/

Chmod 777 sumsung_ unlock_n4-fix

Chown  root.root  Samsung_unlock_n4-fix


Allow device to reboot. After full reboot power down and pull battery.May need to run it twice,If it doesn’t work after the battery pull

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