Non Oxygen OS Rom One Plus 3 Improving Camera

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One Plus 3 has been doing a pretty activity with the OnePlus 3 and making it user friendly. No longer you able to get the kernel sources for the device, you could additionally discover the device tree along with the files to get the proprietary dash Charging solution working on custom ROMs and kernels.

One plus 3 Smartphone Oxygen OS Review

However if you do plan to go down the custom ROM scene, you would possibly find the camera enjoy on non-OxygenOS based custom ROMs to be a bit missing. There’s a gaggle of proprietary code at play within the historical past, and without that, custom ROMs out of doors of OxygenOS can have a tough time harnessing the overall potential of the digicam hardware.

OnePlus’s cofounder Carl Pei has said they will try and convey the equal OxygenOS enjoy over to custom ROMs.

“We’re seeking out methods to provide our camera revel in for non Oxygen OS ROMs. No interest in open sourcing the digicam stack.”Carl Pei
But they’re now not open sourcing the  camera stack! How can this be properly information?

For starters, the business enterprise is under no prison duty to open supply the camera stack. This falls under proprietary code, so they are properly inside their anticipated route of moves if they do now not release anything on this. but, the promise can be fulfilled with the aid of liberating the blobs, in a manner just like the dash Charging scenario.

Now, sultanxda’s ROM has claimed to have digital camera first-class that is higher than other non-OxygenOS custom ROMs. however Carl mentions that this is not absolutely optimized, and consequently customers are lacking out.

This is right on OnePlus’s stop, as they would be delivering something over and above what different mainstream OEMs ever bother with (with one brilliant exception). we are hoping OnePlus lives up to these words, like they did with sprint rate.


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