Jio Phone | How To Connect Jio Phone With Your TV

Jio Phone | How To Connect Jio Phone With Your TV

Just as Jio has ended the problem of mobile bills by giving free voice calling, similarly the monthly bill of cable will end with the help of Jio Phone. For those who only watch television for 4-5 hours a day, no cable connection will be required. That is, if you want you can disconnect your cable connection after the phone.

Jio Phone Features

To connect the live phone to television, you will first have to buy a television device that connects the phone. After connecting the phone to the device, the phone’s screen will appear on the television. After this you will be able to watch the channel of your choice through live streaming on the phone. Jio phone can be connected to any type of television.

Jio Phone Announcement

While announcing the phone, Mukesh Ambani had said that with the help of the phone, television can be seen every 4-5 hours daily without any recharge. It was said that in a day only 512 MB of data will be available for the television. In such a situation, those who do not see television all day, will be going to end the cost of the live phone cable.

Jio Cable TV

Reliance Industries owner Mukesh Ambani is now set to join the cable TV sector. Under this, they will spend $ 2 billion (i.e. 134 crore) in the next three years. However, Reliance Industries did not comment on this. But two people related to the case told the news agency Reuters that Mukesh Ambani’s eyes are on this sector. If Mukesh Ambani falls in this sector, he will also face younger brother Anil Ambani. Anil has been in the cable sector for a long time through Big TV.

Jio Cable Operator’s

Ambani’s company is dealing with small small cable operators. Through which to get their coin deposited in this sector. The people involved in the case say that the company is also dealing with Hathaway Cable, DEN Network and City Cable. An employee of Reliance said that currently a target of 10 lakh subscribers has been kept. In the three years, the target of 20 million i.e. 20 million consumers has been targeted.

Jio Fiber Broadband

At present, 20 million households in India have broadband or internet connection. Of these, only 1.70 lakh people are using wireless internet through optical fiber. Reliance Executive says that the company will provide TV channel, video on demand, broadband internet, landline connection and home servicing system in the same package. Also Jio Play will also be provided. Jio Play provides movies and TV series like Net Flix. At present, DTH Sector has Tata Sky, Big TV, Airtel Digital, Video con and Dish TV.


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