how you can remotely turn off Android smartphones/tablets by sending a SMS


Android is the closely popular and chiefly used disk  in the presence, which offers a portion of features to its users. To draw Android preferably user kind, a portion of apps are considering developed to stump on this OS.In this string attached to something, we will discuss practically the apps that will had the means for you to remotely shutdown Android smartphone/tablet by communication  a single SMS that you will art an adjunct of in the app. This achievement comes in convenient if you have rejected the contact at birthplace and desire no a well known to attend your calls. Similarly, there are many situations in to what place we want to remotely shutdown our Android smartphone.

To configure the secret code or SMS in your Android device, you just need to follow the simple guide below:

Steps To Remotely Turn Off Any Android Smartphone/Tablet By Sending SMS

  1. It is important to note that the app works only on the rooted Android smartphone/tablet. Visit here to get complete guide to root your Android smartphone/tablet.
  2. Now download Remote Power Off zip file in your computer. Extract the zip file in your computer and navigate to Folder > System>App> Remoteturnoff.apk.
  3. Then transfer the Apk file in your Android device
  4. Be sure to enable Install from unknown sources in Settings > Security > Unknown sources.
  5. Install this app now in your Android smartphone/tablet by tapping the Apk that you have transferred.   This is how you can remotely turn off Android smartphones/tablets by sending a SMS
  6. First, type the current password that is null and then type the new password and confirm it again by clicking on change secret code.
  7. Grant this app superuser permission by going to superuser app.
  8. It’s done. You now just need to send the secret code as a SMS to your Android smartphone/tablet when you want to remotely shut it down.

By consequently the above steps, you can fly a close to one chest code and plainly turn aside your anticlimax without stunning it, or without over near to your Android smartphone/tablet and besides without by the agency of the Internet…..




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