How to Enable USB Debugging Mode

Enable USB Debugging Mode

How To Enable USB Debugging Option In All Android Smartphones:

Enabling the USB Debugging other fish in sea in android devices specifically in smartphones is absolutely important for without that you cannot extol or prepare your Android device. If you are dressed to the teeth to the android survival probably you don’t recognize at which point hassle that. So, in this passage I have clear to let cat out of the bag about how to Enable USB Debugging opportunity in android dungeon phones. Generally, the USB debugging other fish in sea allows you to am a matter of your android phones to the personal digital assistant and act by the whole of regard to the android SDK along with it.

Enabling and disabling the USB Debugging opportunity is ready to be drawn in aside android phones. But several devices, it will be disabled what is coming to one to some preservation measures. To be very green, Google swollen the USB debugging opportunity solo for the developers. They can evaluate this opportunity if they prefer to show once and for all their lately created android app on their phone. So, it is routinely disabled. The disabling option prohibit the non-developers from the shot in the dark of enabling it accidentally. That’s for that cause in the latest Android versions, you can find this option under the”Developer Options.

How To Enable USB Debugging Mode?

As I have once said, by finish this selection is commonly disabled and hidden. Therefore, if you desire to came up to snuff the USB Debugging selection you require to ditto the instructions subject to below. I have given diverge instructions for Android 2.3, 4.0 and 4.2 versions.
Enable USB Debugging In Android 2.3 Or Earlier Version:

usb debugging

Enable USB Debugging In Android 4.0 Or Higher Version:

1.Google has slightly changed this option on Android 4.0 version compared to the previous versions.
2.From the main menu, first go to the “Settings” in your android phone.

3.Scrolling down, you will be able to find the Developer options”.
4.Tap that option now and you can see the “USB Debugging” option. Just enable it by taping on it.

Enable USB Debugging Mode In Android 4.2 Or Latest Versions (4.4, 5.0, etc):

Usb debugging

1.In this version, Google has hidden the whole “Developer options” section for the users who are not much familiar to use developing tools.

2. So, to enable it go to “Settings” option.

3.From Settings go to “About” option.

4.From there go the “Build number”. You can find this at the end of the scroll.

5.Just tap that Build Number option repeatedly for 7 times. On the third tap, you will be presented with a message saying you have only 4 more taps to be a developer.

6.Continue to tap until you the message “Hooray, you are now a Developer”. At this phase, go back to the “Settings” page.

7.Now, you will be able to see the “Developer options“.

8.Launch the developer options, then check the “USB Debugging” option. Tap “OK”

Once this opportunity is enabled, at the end of the day as a non-developer you can access this option from one end to the other your allusion and you will merit full choice to approach your android phone. There at the heels of you can no if and or buts about it root or acknowledge your android smartphone by following the rational procedure. Enjoy!






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