Easy Way to Track Jio Phone Booking Status

jio phone booking status

If you are among the lucky customers of Reliance Jio who have booked a Jio phone, then this news is for you. Because now you can get your jio phone booking status and phone delivery information. Let me tell you that Reliance started booking Jio Phone on August 24. But due to heavy response, the company had to stop booking Jio Phone on August 26, 2 days later. You can register just for Jio Phone on the website. Jio has given a message to his website that when the booking starts again, the customers who are currently registered will be notified for the pre-booking on behalf of Jio.

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Jio Phone Booking Status 

By the way, Reliance has already announced that the delivery of Jio Phone will start from September. But if you want to know the position of your live phone even before. The company has provided two mediums for this. The first is through toll free number. You need to call 18008908900 for this. Here you will be asked about your registered mobile number. After the verification you will be given the status of the phone. The other way is through my Jio app. Here you will have to go to the My Voucher section. You must also enter the booking number or registered mobile number here. Since the pressure of the customers is high. For this reason, many users are complaining about the difficulties in using this service.

As you know, Reliance has stopped booking JioPhone. Jio has not even given the information that when the phone book will start again, only that it has been said that whenever the pre-booking starts, the customers already registered will be notified. Earlier, Jio started pre-booking of JioPhone on August 24, pre-booking was to start from 5.30 pm, but due to the huge number of traffic to the company’s website for booking the phone, it is okay from 5.30 pm on August 24. The first server of the website was down due to which the customer could not book the phone. However, later the website started working properly, after which customers started pre-booking of phones for themselves. Now that the company is claiming that the number of millions has been pre-booked, so the new booking has been stopped.


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