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Android Oreo Top Features

Hello friends today we are going to discuss Android O Features .The latest version of Android 7.0 Naugat, though not all phones, but Android has released its new version of Android O Developer Preview. So let’s know what strong features will be in the phone with Android O operating system.

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Android O Features

1. Battery Life
The biggest advantage of Android O will be the phone’s battery. Android O will manage the running app in the smartphone’s background and save your phone’s battery. Like – if you are running WhatsApp and running in Google Map background and your location is updating, there is no need for it.

2. Notification Channel
Android O has a notification channel, which will have notification store. As such, you can keep news notifications in news channels. That means there will be separate channels for different notifications. You can do all the notification settings in a channel at a time. Apart from this you can snooze notifications for a while like an alarm.

3. Shortcuts for Screen Lock
Android nougat has a microphone icon for Google Assistant for screen lock and a camera like a shortcut to take a picture. Likewise, in Android O, you can create a shortcut according to you.

4. Auto-fill
Android O features a special Auto-Fill feature which will help you a lot in shopping. The advantage of this will be that you do not have to give your address and details over and over again. You can save it in one. The advantage of this is that you do not have to remember a lot of passwords.

5. High-Fi Bluetooth Audio
With this special feature in Android O, you can listen to high quality audio via Bluetooth. The Sony LDAC codec has been given in the phone for better sound quality.
6. Picture-in-Picture (PIP): This is another great feature of Android O. The advantage will be that if you are watching the video and want to see the photo at the same time then the video will not be closed. Or when you reply to a chat while watching a video, the video will not be closed.


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