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Hello friends Today I am going to tell you about what is Android Emulator and  why we need an Android Emulator.

First know: What are Emulators?
An emulator commonly permits the host system to run software program or use peripheral devices designed for the guest device. Emulation refers to the capacity of a pc application in an electronic device; to emulate (imitate) any other software or device.

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First understand: What are Emulators?
An emulator usually permits the host machine to run software software or use peripheral devices designed for the guest tool. Emulation refers back to the potential of a laptop application in an electronic device; to emulate (imitate) some other software or device.

Android Emulators what they are ?

Android Emulator’s are especially a type of emulators/simulators packages; designed and advanced to run android like surroundings, for your pc gadget. It takes place via virtualizing a mobile tool that really runs to your computer or pc.
as a result, via emulating an Android tool in your computer, you without a doubt can use android applications or video games on your computer systems.

It becomes useful for each day Android customers as they are able to use their preferred android app or game on their computer systems or laptops, wheresoever supported. The people who advantage the most are programmers & app developers. Such people should use these emulators to expand and test new Android packages, with out the need of an real tool.

Due to such matters, many corporations commenced developing and offering such Android Emulators to most people.these days users are able to run Android on their computer systems with out requiring any programming know-how.In easy, android emulators can assist you to use any android app or can help you plan any android recreation, which you normally use or play to your android tool.


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