Amazing Gadgets Which Is Useful In Our Daily Life

Amazing Gadgets Which Is Useful In Our Daily Life

There are many amazing gadgets associated with smartphones at online stores, which users do not know about. These are gadgets that can be purchased at low prices and are also useful on many occasions. We are talking about five such smart and cheap gadgets here. OTG Adapter for Rs 48 

Amazing gadgets In Our Daily Life

1. OTG Adapter

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One of the best amazing gadgets is a small OTG adapter. Which works as OTG cable. At one end it has a micro USB mail port, the other on the USB female port. The special thing about this adapter is that there is no cable in it. Mostly OTG cable gets damaged due to cutting. In this case, this adapter is completely safe. The user can do many things with his smartphone with the help of this OTG adapter.

  1. Charging the second smartphone from a smartphone
  2. Connecting portable hard disks to smartphones
  3. Connecting joystick to smartphone
  4. Connecting the USB Light to the smartphone
  5. Connecting a USB fan to a smartphone
  6. Transfer of contacts, messages
  7. Connecting key-board and mouse with smartphone
  8. Connecting digital camera to smartphone
  9. Connecting a printer to a smartphone
  10. Connecting music keyboard to phone

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2. Jackom Key

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This is the 3.5mm audio mail jack. This jack is designed with a technology that allows the user to do many things. That is, after fixing this jack in the phone, audio recording, photo capture, navigation, one touch flash light, one click clear and many more can work. For this jack, the user has to install the app from the Play Store. After which the user can do many things by pressing the button given in this jacket.

3. Jack Splitter

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Users can purchase this Smart Gadget for less than 100 rupees online. This device contains 3.5mm audio jack. In addition, there are two other 3.5mm audio jack jacks. This means that after connecting this device to a smartphone, you can connect two earphones or headphones simultaneously. That means two users can enjoy music or video together on one phone.

4. Ring Holder

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A ring holder is a device attached to the back cover of the phone. After which the phone can be kept in its finger and placed in the finger. This device has a ring, which gets trapped in the finger. With the help of ring holder, the chances of falling of the phone are lost during photography and calling. Not only this, while watching videos, you can also make the ring holder like the use stand.

5. Charging stand

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When we go out of the house, sometimes a phone charger slot is found, but it does not have a place to keep mobile. In such a situation, the phone has to be held in the hand and charged. Charging in the train is near the slot gate, then the phone has to be charged only by hand. In this case, this stand has been made for phone charging only. With the charger the electric board gets fixed and can keep the phone on the same.


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